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after a post college year there, and dreamt of a second home. But he never planned to build a resort, yet alone more than one. He found a fantastic piece of land, unrivalled by almost any site on earth, 6,000 waterfront acres overlooking the stunning Bay of Islands National Park, and built his house. Being a crazed golf fanatic, with a truly world class site, he also built a course for himself. As he told me, "I bought this
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cheap replica oakleys do nothing with, and I decided to build a golf course." Why not? But then it was time for a reality check: private jet or no private jet, when you live in Manhattan how much can you use a golf course on New Zealand’s North Island? So he opened it to the public, and at his wife’s suggestion,
cheap wholesale oakleys built a small luxury lodge, Kauri
cheap oakley sunglasses Cliffs, with 22 "rooms," all individual cottages, and you can even rent his house when he is not there. The golf course is truly exceptional, and was quickly ranked in the World’s Top 100, public or private, which is hard to do. But the resort is so unbelievable, my takeaway was that I could very happily go there for a week and not play golf, even though I love golf. It’s that good. It’s
fake oakleys like its own small country and has two magnificent waterfalls, the kind you’d go to
cheap oakleys a National Park to see, threeArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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