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5,000 in Newcastle, including a ten night hospital stay, to 10,950 in London with only seven nights in hospital. Kaye McIntosh, editor of Health Which?, said: ‘If you’re paying for a private operation it’s clearly cheaper to have it carried out in the North East. But it’s important to check exactly what service you are buying ask what the surgeon’s success rates and qualifications
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fake cheap oakleys pros and cons of going private, it’s clear that far fewer people would be using their savings to pay for treatment if NHS waiting lists were
cheap oakleys shorter.’ Operations such as cataract removal or
cheap oakleys hip replacement are among the most common in private hospitals because they are considered ‘non urgent’ and NHS patients have long waits for them. In the early 1990s, patients paying for their own operation, rather than
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale through medical insurance, were 13 per cent of the private total. The figure has jumped to 20 per cent and is expected to rise to 25 per cent in the
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cheap oakley sunglasses two years. Peter Fermoy, spokesman for the Independent Health Care Association, said yesterday: ‘I don’t perceive there to be a North South divide. ‘I see it as a regionally based issue. Prices in cities such as London and Birmingham are under standably going to be a bit higher than elsewhere because of the overheads of running a businessArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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