Extension arm standing on the top shelf

This exercise will involve all beams triceps, but to a greater extent – the lateral (outer side) beam. The exercise is performed on the block device, which is attached to the cable D-shaped handle. Go to the simulator so that working hand was on the same plane with his rope, the same name a few foot step back so as not to interfere with itself at arm extension. The body leaned forward, otherwise the exercise will be uncomfortable. With one hand, hold the base frame of the simulator and the other take the lower handle grip to the palm and thumb were aimed in your direction, then the crook of your elbow and bringing to the body, pull the rope and lift loads of stops. Extension arm on the upper block stoyaVdohnite and breath-hold, pull the handle down, straightening the arm at the elbow. By the end of the arm straightened, exhale and, after a brief pause start to bend the arm in the opposite direction. During the negative phase do not allow cargo to pull your hand to resist, try to make every effort to keep the handle. Of course, the negative phase should last at least twice as long as a positive. Recommendation: always exercise the back should be in the position that was taken initially, any movements in the lower back is not allowed. The wrist is strictly fixed to the end of the exercises, and arm pressed firmly against the body. If you “drop” the elbow, in the training process immediately switch on the back muscles, and with movements at the wrist joint – the muscles of the forearm. Priority: at the end of the training, after heavy presses and extensor exercises in the complex, such as “back” push-ups from the bench and the French zhimom or zhimom narrow grip and extension arm with a dumbbell.

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