Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor at the Toronto ZoomerShow 2018.

This site includes all of the information that you will need in order to have a very successful trade show experience.

If you have any questions about the materials here, or you cannot find the information that you are looking for please contact Kelly Antonaros, [email protected]

Success Tips:
Ensure your space is attractive & inviting, keep it clean and uncluttered.

Make the best use of the space that you do have, brand it and theme it, signage also helps here.

Your product or service should be obvious.

Staff in uniform is always more attractive as it shows branding as well as creates a feeling of trust.

Staff should always be welcoming and more importantly, engaging with attendees

Swag and brochures or handouts should be branded and have obvious contact information.

Attract attention to your space by using motion, demonstrations and lights.

Take advantage of this time to engage with your customer and get to know them. Collect information with permission to contact them for future business.




Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Enercare Centre Located?

The Enercare Centre is located in the Exhibition Grounds at 100 Princes’ Blvd in Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3.

Click here to view the Enercare Centre on Google Maps.

Is electricity included in our booth?

The ZoomerShow package includes your pipe and drape where required, your carpeting and booth ID sign.
Electricity needs to be ordered by you – please see the Electrical & Lighting Showtech form, to place your order.

How do we get our free Tickets for client, family & friends?

Your FREE ticket code will be sent to you via email with your show details.

Where can I get a copy of the floor plan?

What zone is my booth in?

The floor plan is colour coded and the zones are outlined.
You should be placed inside a zone that is suited to your type of business.
If this is not the case, you may be moved.
If there are no spaces left in the zone that bests describes your business, please contact Kelly at [email protected] and we will assist you with this.

Who should I get in contact with in regards to payment for the ZoomerShow?

Please contact Paula Belanger, only for any questions that you have regarding payments for the ZoomerShows.

[email protected], 416-607-7740

What are the hours of exhibitor move in & move out?

Move in: Friday October 26th, 9am – 8pm
Move out: Sunday October 28th, 5pm – 9pm

How many exhibitor badges will I be given, and when can I pick them up?

You may ask for as many badges as you require for your booth – however please respect the environment and try to “keep it green” – the badges are generic and therefore transferable between your staff.
These badges should be picked up during exhibitor move in, at the ZoomerShow information desk. This will be clearly marked.

***Please do not take additional badges to grant access to friends and family. This will violate ZoomerMedia Exhibitor Rules & Regulations, and you may be removed from the show. We are delighted to offer complimentary tickets to your last minute visiting friends and family, just ask them to come to the Information Desk and state who they are, and mention your booth name.

Do I need to register my booth staff with the ZoomerShows?

No, the badges are generic, and therefore transferable.

Are there any photography and video restrictions?

Feel free to capture as many fun moments at the ZoomerShow as you possibly can!
We would also love it if you shared some special ones with us – for a chance to be featured on our website!
However, out of respect for the contracts of the artists, no video is allowed on the main stage acts.
We regret this, but we hope you will enjoy them with us!

Where can I find a schedule of the entertainment?

You can find the live schedule on the site here. Just scroll down to see the entertainment schedule or click on the SCHEDULES tab along the top.
We are constantly looking and booking talent for your entertainment, so the schedule gets updated accordingly.

What about parking?

There is a parking lot just in front of the Enercare Centre, and one underground with elevator access to the lobby of the exhibit hall. This is payable parking. You can purchase this on site OR you can pre purchase advance parking and pay the special rate for two days. You will pick up your pass on the day of move in.
It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange for this. You can pay at the machines directly inside the parking lot, and ensure you place your stub on your dashboard.

How can I sample/sell food and or drink in my booth?

You will find a form under the Exhibitor Order Forms labelled Authorization Request & Sample Form .You MUST fill these out and submit to the official caterer within the Enercare Centre, in order to be approved to serve or sell any food or drink.

Can I move in Saturday morning, before the show opens?

No. Your booth needs to be fully set by Friday at 8pm, as set in the exhibitor set up times. You may only bring in hand carried items up to one hour before show opening – that is 9 am on the Saturday. You will not have access to any loading docks, dollies or forklifts on this day.

How many attendees can we expect?

In 2016, the Toronto ZoomerShow welcomed 36,000 visitors.
That means this year you can expect much more!

Is my equipment safe overnight?

Yes – the ZoomerShow staff has arranged for 24 hour security at the venue.

How do I connect to the wireless internet from my booth?

You can order your Internet connection with the INTERNET form here.
Every order will receive and e-mailed confirmation sent directly to your computer summarizing each item, the cost and applicable taxes for your records.

Are tables and chairs included in our booth package?

Each exhibitor is responsible for ordering their own tables and chairs as required, through the general services contractor – FREEMAN.
These forms are found in the Exhibitor Order Forms: FREEMAN – General Contractor. Your booth price covers your space, carpet, as well as pipe and drape and material handling – this is a greater value to you as an exhibitor.

Where are the loading docks located for me to unload for move in and reload for move out?

The loading docks are clearly marked on the Loading Dock Map floor plan.
They are located on at the very west end of the exhibit hall. You can access them by driving around to the west side of the building.
There are also two drive in ramps for vehicles driving directly into the exhibit hall. These are indicated on the plan and include dimension restrictions. Should you require special access for your display, because of the size or intricacy of the set up, please contact the show operations manager [email protected]

What if I need a wheelchair, photocopies, a Point of Sales Machine, office supplies, courier arrangements, etc - where can I find all of these services?

You can find all of the above and much more at the Enercare Exhibitor Support Centre, that will be in operation during move in and the show hours. We advise you contact them in advance to secure your orders.